Välkomna hos Wildhog Boerboel



I'm your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

You're my live, my love, my leader.

I will be yours faithfull and true,

to the last beat of my heart.

I'm the South Afrikan Boerboel.







Vi är stolt och presenterar att Wildhog Boerboel har blivit medlem hos WBBA - World Boerboel Breeder Association och vi representerar WBBA hos IBBF board. Vill du veta mer och leta informationer så är du välkommna att titta in här WBBA Sweden



WBBA statement

WBBA statement in order to the happenings in USA – Asheville


First of all WBBA send condolences to Jane and her family and we wishing strength for this sad and hard time.

We do not know what exactly happened. We only know that Jane died and nobody knows why. The COD is not published yet. We the WBBA stand behind our loved breed and we say:

General information about the Boerboel

Boerboel is Afrikaans and called in English also great farm dog or peasant Bulldog. The Boerboel comes from South Africa from the beginning and is a cross of different breeds from Europe and the wild dogs from South Africa which already existed. The Boerboel is still used as a working dog, as protection dogs to the big farms and large animal groups and watchdogs for both the house and the plot and the family and to help in the hunt.

Nowadays the Boerboel is explained as a good family dog. This applies only to some extent. As a large, intelligent, easy learning and powerful dog with a strong pronounced territorial behaviour it is necessary to have knowledge about raise and socialize these dogs.

The Boerboel is not a dog for everyone. If the dog is connected to the family or is living with you in the house and experience a consistent training and socialization which develops the Boerboel as a good family dog, ​​but you should never forget that every dog still on the cynologically base the guard and protective instincts are remaining.

We know there is much false information out there about bad temperament and dangerous qualities there is nothing which can’t be further from the truth, then such a statement. Today there are much information’s you can get if you contact the organizations which works for this breed.

This breed was not created to fight against his family, they was created to protect them all, the adult and also the children. As in Jane’s situation even when she was not alive anymore they will not go from your side, they will protect their family with their lives.

We as WBBA has those characteristics as main goals:

Healthy dogs, stabile and breed typical dogs. Our breeders are always recommended to do the temperament test.

That’s what happened to Jane was a tragedy and hopefully not her beloved dogs where the reason. But what the press is doing to this breed is absolutely devastating


The WBBA -Board


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